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Plastic Surgery


What is plastic surgery?

Plastic surgery is a surgical specialty involved with both the improvement in a person’s appearance and the reconstruction of facial and body tissue defects due to illness, trauma, or birth disorders.

Plastic surgery restores and improves function, as well as appearance. It can involve surgery on any part of the anatomy, except the central nervous system, including:

  • -Skin (including skin cancer, scars, burns, birthmarks, and tattoo removal)

  • -Maxillofacial (the facial skeleton)

  • -Congenital anomalies (including deformed ears, cleft palate, and cleft lip)

Dr. Tewodros Messele

Plastic Surgeon 

Dr. Tewodros (Teddy) Messele Gedebou graduated from Stanford University (1989), UC San Francisco School of Medicine (1993), trained in general surgery at U.Arizona (1993-1998), plastic & reconstructive surgery at UI Chicago (1998 – 2001) and reconstructive microsurgery at CGMH in Taiwan (2001-2) before starting his career at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, as director of wound center and director of plastic & reconstructive surgery/trauma. In 2006, he returned to Ethiopia to establish the ICON Clinic. He has extensive experience undertaking the full gamut of plastic surgery, some general and vascular surgery and hand surgery for over a decade. Now, he has founded the Marcia Surgical Center with the desire to establish a modern health care facility to attract other well trained surgeons from the US to provide top notch services for patients.

What does plastic surgery include?

Plastic surgery includes both reconstructive and aesthetic (cosmetic) procedures:

Reconstructive plastic surgery

In general, reconstructive surgery is done on abnormal structures of the body that may be caused by the following:

  • -Trauma

  • -Infection

  • -Developmental abnormalities

  • -Congenital (present at birth) anomalies

  • -Disease

  • -Tumors

This type of surgery is usually done to improve function, but may also be done to change appearance.

Cosmetic (aesthetic) plastic surgery

Cosmetic surgery is done to repair or reshape otherwise normal structures of the body, generally, to improve appearance.



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